NRA Varmint Hunter

NRA Varmint Hunter

NRA Varmint Hunter is an exciting new game for the hunting enthusiast combining the expertise of Speedco Shooting Sports "developer of Xtreme Accuracy Shooting" and the broad knowledge and educational base of the National Rifle Association. The game will feature a very high degree of realism and education in the craft of long range shooting, and the boundless enjoyment of the fastest growing hunting sport in the USA. It's all there for your enjoyment with the NRA Varmint Hunting game.

Both western "dog" hunting and eastern "hog" hunting are presented in stunning realistic terrain locations, determined by combing the country for the best locations to represent the sport. The animal behavior has been modeled in the most realistic way utilizing the expertise of serious hunters. With the help and close cooperation of the Varmint Hunters Association the game is as realistic as possible and offers a great introduction into this fast growing sport. If you like pulling the trigger often, you will find NRA Varmint Hunting a great introduction to the sport and a terrific training aid to help you in the field.

Available Games

  • NRA Varmint Hunter PC
    NRA Varmint Hunter PC



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