Cabela's Big Game Hunter

Cabela's Big Game Hunter

Go on your dream hunting adventure as you travel to the world's most prestigious hunting locations in pursuit of the most exotic and sought after big-game trophy animals. Put your hunting skills and techniques to the test in Montana, British Columbia, New Zealand, Africa, and Argentina. You'll need all the improved mechanics such as hunter's sense, adrenaline mode and stealth, to sight in and shoot elk, moose, red stag, mule deer, cape buffalo, caribou, cougar, wild boar, kudu, and grizzly bear. Master hunting strategies like glassing, stalking, tracking, long-range shooting, baiting, tree stands, and ground blinds. Beware of dangerous game that will threaten and stalk you until a final encounter where you must use your hunting skill to bring it down!

Hunters have always loved the best-selling Big Game Hunter series. Now Cabela's delivers the most compelling hunting game ever offered for the first time on he Nintendo WII. Twenty-four different North American big game animals to hunt. Play Career Hunt or jump right into the action with Quick Hunt for immediate satisfaction. Realistic 3D animal models reflect a variety of ages, genders, and sizes.

Cabela's Big Game Hunter Get X-Ray Scope

To get an X-Ray scope, fill all the tags for any given area. Then play that area in Quick Hunt. Press X while using the scope for X-Ray vision.

This also works in "Career Hunt" mode. If you have money left over after you have beat the game go buy more tags & go hunt any of the locations except Alaska and you will get the Xray scope.

Go to Alberta and buy a Wolf tag. Try to get 4 one shot one kill bonuses to keep adding to your cash pile. This also works on any other multiple kill trophy tags.

The wolves are located in Harold's Creek and Hicklan hunting areas.

Cabela's Big Game Hunter Hint: Easy Money

In career mode buy a tag for wolf in Alberta, or coyote in Texas. The tag will only cost $200, but if you kill all 4 of them with one shot you get $100 for a clean shot bonus. After you kill all 4 of your animals go back to the main menu and into location, go to the store and you'll have $200 more than you started with at the beginning of your last hunt.

Cabela's Big Game Hunter Hint: Avoid Charging Animals

Getting into a vehicle will save you from suffering damage from a charging animal.

Break the Law... and Get Away With It!

If you ever shoot a non-game animal and don't want to get busted, just return to your Trophy Room to wipe the slate clean.

Available games

  • Cabela's Big Game Hunter PS2
    Cabela's Big Game Hunter PS2
  • Cabela's Big Game Hunter Wii
    Cabela's Big Game Hunter Wii
  • Cabela's Big Game Hunter XBOX
    Cabela's Big Game Hunter XBOX



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