Fallout NV - Hunting the Post Apocalyptic Wild West

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Fallout New Vegas Gecko
Geckos run after you, then lunge when they are close enough. They like to nest by ruins, wrecks, and caves or rocky rubble. Anything halfway secluded.

These are not the normal little lizards you are thinking of. These are 100-200 pound savage and quick animals that will spot you a quarter mile away. They are fast and deadly. Most of the time, they will be hunting you unless you really know what you are doing. So for the majority of you, keep a 12 ga. shotgun on you and let them come to you. They most likely will find you before you find them.



Fallout New Vegas Radscorpion
Their low silhouette really lets them creep up on you. You can see the one above barely in the tall grass. Get used to watching for big gray-blue shifting objects in the terrain.

Again, not what you would expect. These are 300 pound armored insects that will role after you like a tank. There’s one word to say about hunting these things. ARMOR PEIRCING. Unless you have some AP around on you, run for the hills, because you don't stand a chance if it's an adult Radscorpion. Their glands fetch a decent price, but otherwise, they suck, period. You are better off just avoiding them and the best way to do that is to stay out of the mountainous plateaus southwest of Vegas. An assault rifle with armor piercing rounds is your best bet for taking down a fully grown Radscorpion.


Yao Guai

Fallout Yao-Guai
Stronger and faster than a bear, these things are vicious. Although more poplulated out in the north-east, and more commonly seen in Fallout 3 rather than New Vegas, these guys are deadly, and require you to sneak up on them and place a rifle bullet in the head somewhere.

A mutated bear, but there are a few differences. They are stronger AND faster. And uglier, but that’s beside the point. They have a nose and a set of eyes on them, so this is another extremely keen game animal. Ideally you want to take it down from a hidden place, preferably elevated, with a high powered rifle. This can be anything from a .308 to a .50 cal. Real sportsmen would use the .308, but if you want to just get the job a .50 will do that for you at 9 dollars a round.



Fallout New Vegas Nightstalker
Cunning and quite. They can surround you without any warning. It's deadly to go after these guys alone, so take a companion with you if a Nightstalker hunt is what thrills your sick and adrenaline addicted mind.

A mutated cross between a rattle snake and a mountain lion. Very fast, very smart, very keen, very deadly. They will find you first, so a .12 ga. or an assault rifle is what you need if you want to live. Another animal that, ‘hunts you,’ so to speak. Good thing about these buggers is that if they are close and hunting you (and ready to clamp their jaws around your neck) they have a rattler on their tail that will sound off. If you hear that tail, whip out that AR or shotgun and get ready for death in a fury and scaly package to launch straight for your face.



Fallout New Vegas Brahmin
Primarily labor animals, a brahmin is the most domesticated animal in the post apocolyptic United States of America. If you find one, it probably belongs to a caravaner or local farmer, so please, resist killing it.

Brahmin are so dumb and so easy to domesticate that wild Brahmin may not be around anymore. It is a mutated two headed cow used for labor and beef. If you stumble across one, don’t shoot it. The odds that it is wild are pretty low, so it’s not worth taking the risk of dropping someone’s work animal. That is, unless the owner is some kind of tribal savage or outlaw. In that case let the lead fly. Honestly, anything bigger than a .22 for a rifle, and a 9 mil for a pistol, will take a Brahmin down.



Fallout New Vegas Deathclaw
They are as scary as they are lethal. This is not game for the faint of heart. Because of their size and speed, it is very easy to freak out and get trigger happy if they start charging you. You need a dead eye to get the job done right while he doesn't see you yet. And if he does, nerves of steel are needed to take your time, aim, and squeeze witht he sights on his head. You need a big big gun for these monsters.

We’ve saved the baddest for last. A Deathclaw is a 10 foot tall killing machine, with claws as long as some people’s forearms. Extremely territorial, and extremely protective of their young, they travel in packs mostly. They tend to veer away from human presence, but when they settle down, they adopt that area and claim it as their home. In other words, the only way to get rid of a Deathclaw problem in an area is to kill every one of them, or hunt the Alpha Male or Alpha Female. The Alpha males are vicious. They truly earn their spot in the pack, so they are big and strong.

The best way to take down Deathlcaws is with a .50 caliber chambering armor piercing rounds (their skin is very tough). It is possible to put an armor piercing .308 in the forehead to take them down, but you really gotta’ have brass for that. Wounding it is worse than running from it. Go big, or go dig yourself a 6 foot deep hole. Also, it is crucial to stay hidden when hunting Deathclaws. If they find you they will swarm you and eat you.

Also, keep it in the back of your head that many brave, or just stupid people have gone out to hunt Deathclaws, as their eggs fetch a hefty price for people who use them like Pitbuls in dog fighting. You will not only find fortune in their eggs, but also off the occasional corpse loaded to the hilt with good ammunition, guns, armor, and other various valuables. That is, if you don’t join them in the act of the hunt.



Fallout New Vegas is a great video game, and a great hunting game that pleases on all levels. The best part is, ITS NOT JUST HUNTING! There is a whole other world out there for you to go explore. While you can go up to the mountains and take down big game, you can come back to your house, store your meat, and go out on the town for a night of gambling. Or maybe take down a local Fiend or Outlaw that has a handsome bounty on his head. It’s expansive, while hunting games aren’t. Its a whole other world, and a whole other life, so do it your way.

Be safe out there. Keep some extra green-tips on your person at all times, always hold on to that old combat Knife of yours, and HAPPY HUNTING IN THE MOJAVE WASTELAND!



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