Fallout NV - Hunting the Post Apocalyptic Wild West

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Let’s face it. Hunting video games are dying. They are falling by the wayside, due to budget and lack of player’s interest. Quite honestly, just a hunting game is so simple and so cheap to make, there just isn’t much too them. To combat this, companies like Cabelas try to change it up and turn it into a story followed game, just to keep your eyes open. With the advances in technology, and the video game world booming, that’s just not cutting it. Could these be the final days of a genre worn down, tired, and starving?

Perhaps for the genre, but NOT for the experience. As games get bigger, more involved and more in depth, the possibilities start growing as well. The truth is, a hunting video game is like a resturaunt offering only side dishes. It’s a genre that actually limits it’s own games to one measly thing, when games are capable of so much more. What people today are looking for is expansiveness. As a hunter you don’t just want to wander through woods, kill an animal, and game over. It’s boring, and modern day consoles and PCs are capable of so much more. Are there any development companies out there that recognize this?

Fallout New Vegas Sniper
The recent Fallout titles have the option of either first person or third person. First Person is more popular due to its ability to really make you feel like you are in the game world.

Well, that would be none other than Bethesda Softworks.

Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas

Very few games have made such an impact on the industry as the Fallout series. Their two most recent games have been the true blockbusters in the FPSRPG genre (first person shooter role playing game. Fallout New Vegas and Fallout 3 have the capability of 3rd person or first person), hitting the shelves with ungodly sale numbers, and cracking game score records across the board. Both Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas, New Vegas being the newest one and the one with the most emphasis on hunting, have taken the once technologically limited field of realistic role playing games and breathed life into them. It is truly a unique experience to play these games, as they are so expansive and so customizable to what you wish them to be, it is literally anyone’s game.

Fallout New Vegas is another title in the same Fallout universe; a post apocalyptic United States. It is a parallel universe. What that means, is that at one point in our history, the game world’s setting branches off into its own world with its own history. Anyone who is a history buff will enjoy this, since Bethesda mirrored our Cold War history into the games parallel universe.

Fallout World History So Far

Sometime after World War II, where our world technologically progressed in making things smaller, more compact, and more efficient, the focus in the Fallout world was Nuclear Energy. Although fossil fuels remained the primary fuel source until the last decades of structured civilization, right before the Great War, everything was nuclear powered from cars to planes, from aircraft carriers to air conditioning. Along with these advances, atomic arsenals started to build up also as nations across the world started the race for nuclear power. With this all starting in the 1950’s, and with all science and research around the world enthralled with nuclear power, no need was felt to do things like invent smaller, colored TV’s, or even change fashion and style. From the 1950’s to 2077, 1950’s style and fashion remained hip, and the old world ignorance of using nuclear power in conventional warfare remained.

Post Nuclear Washington DC
If it was important to a country during the 2 hour nuclear war, it was destroyed. For the US it is DC, for Russia it is Moscow, and so on. The Ruins of DC presented the setting for Fallout 3 but Fallout New Vegas has that unrivaled Texas ranger feel, where you can hunt an animal, take the meat, roast it over a camp fire and listen to Marty Robbins under the desert stars.

To make a long story short, after the collapse of the UN, a global energy chrisis for crude oil, and the threat of Communism from China and Russia, a 2 hour global nuclear bombardment from bombers flying out of nations around the globe demolished the world, plunging it into a holocaustic nightmare in the year 2077. The only ones that survived were those who took refuge in massive underground Vaults, where spaces were sold to concerned families across the world before the war. For more information on the global politics of the Fallout series, visit The Vault, a wiki website dedicated entirely to the games enormous and incredibly intriguing parallel history, where our world's history is mirrored to theirs where nuclear power research pushed the cold war to its breaking point.

In the game, the lawless west has repopulated over a few hundred years, however the lack of structure from an established government has forced people to form tribes and gangs, much like in Mel Gibson’s Road Warrior. The people are as savage and unforgiving as the land and it is up to local Sheriffs and the newly established NCR (New California Republic; a close mirror of the old US Government. Composed of a President, Congress, House and Judicial system, they expand their power using the massive NCR military, composed of a standardized and uniformed army, and an organized air force) to keep a sliver of order in a disorganized and wild world. Due to circumstance, it is the Wild West all over again. Farmers graze their beef, corruption runs rampant through the gambling streets of New Vegas, and small towns fight a constant battle against outlaws and roving gangs of raiders to keep their homes and families safe.

‘Great. Fantastic. Where does the hunting come in?’ is what you’re asking. Although you as a character (using a face sculpting system in the game, you put yourself in the fallout world, and give yourself the skills and attributes you have, and maybe the attributes you want) can be anything you desire, a lot of the woodsman-ranger-John Wayne types tend to gravitate towards the Cowboy-Ranger thing over time, but there are no written classes. You are the class you develop into. After you find your first lever action on the body of a raider who just tried to cut your head off, and maybe scavenge a few boxes of .357, you almost feel the need to scale the mountains and stalk a Bighorner grazing on the hills.

Fallout New Vegas - Hunting the Future Wild West

The game being in Nevada gives birth to some very interesting species to hunt. While Nevada wasn’t exactly hit with nuclear bombers (as most of the US; the only places hit were places critical to the United States’ well being such as Washington DC) it is still a desert and fallout has still reached it via the once poisoned atmosphere. So expect the regular cactus patched deserts and lonely little western towns scattered across the land. Some spots are still fertile for farmers and grazing big game like Brahmin. But most of the hunting is long range. You better be a good shot, or you are gonna go hungry.

Many critters inhabit the vast deserts and mountains of post-apocalyptic future Nevada. Here is a list and description of the animals available to hunt, and the best way to hunt them in Fallout New Vegas.


Fallout New Vegas Bighorner
Bighorner still graze in the mountains like their Big Horned Sheep ancestors (before they were grossly mutated by nuclear fallout), but hold some of the grazing and herd habbits of buffalo. The size and lethargic mentality is also quite similar to buffalo.

A mutated ram taking on much of the similar traits of a buffalo. Perhaps the most enjoyable big game animal to hunt in the Nevada mountains. The reason being they won’t charge or attack you unless you are really close, really clumsy and loud, or are threatening their calves. Bighorners are widely seen in the wild, but many farmers like to raise them as beef. That is why it is important you are certain that the animal you are stalking is not a head of beef grazing on some farmers land before it gets a .308 thrown at if from your rifle. On your compass, it will show up as a red enemy if it is wild. They are big animals, so one will feed you for a while. They tend to travel in herds so if you Sneak up on a herd, you can literally just sit there and start dropping them. The meat doesn’t sell for much, but if you are stocking up for a long hike, stumbling across a herd is the best blessing possible. Any rifle will do. Just put the round in the right spot.



Fallout New Vegas Coyote
Coyotes are scavengers, just like you have to be in order to survive. Although there are stores, shops, and trading posts, you can still stumble across something shiny and expensive every once in a while.

Not much to say; just plain old, nuisance coyotes. They get into everything so don’t be surprised to stumble across some supplies or food that the coyotes have already found. Keep a sizable pistol on you at all times in the wasteland. A .45 or a .44 is a perfect coyote dropping round. The reason you will most likely be killing them with a pistol, is because when you are scavenging an old upturned food truck, a scope won’t do you much good when you find a hungry coyote in the bed of the truck munching on beef jerky just 5 feet away from you. The meat doesn’t do much for your Hit Points (health meter), so kill them and take the pelts to sell them later on down the road.



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